We're 50

B2B | 2 min read

We’re 50…who cares?

No, it’s not an April Fools, on the 1st April Edson Evers turned 50!

50 years of being a fiercely independent agency, 50 years in Stafford (of all places!), 50 years of survival – recessions, decline of print press, COVID, but ultimately, 50 years of success.

What started off as 2-man band above a fishmongers with its first monthly fee of just over £60, has become a talented team of 20 with national marketing awards to its name.

Over our 50 years in business, we have been asked more times than I care to remember to do birthday/anniversary campaigns for various milestones on behalf of our clients. And every time I question ‘who cares?’

Don’t get me wrong. We’ve run some very successful birthday campaigns and customers are always keen to celebrate with companies if there’s something in it for them, but is ‘existing’ for a long time really a USP?

Particularly in our industry, where a new start up with young talent can offer you as much reach and cut through as someone that has, for example, been around since the 70s.

So, it’s safe to say I’m not the biggest fan of company anniversaries. And no, ‘existing’ for ‘x’ many years is not, for me, a good enough reason to celebrate. But developing, overcoming, innovating and improving for 50 years  – that is reason to celebrate and bluntly that ability to adapt and embrace change is why we are still here and still successful after 50 years in the business. And why I’m incredibly proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

We’ve grown from such humble beginnings and weathered so many storms, that we’ll often call ourselves a very resilient agency and attribute our lengthy tenure to that. But the truth is we’ve reached this milestone because our team has always been talented and passionate about what they do. I’ve only been in the business for 15 out of the 50 years but in that time, we’ve challenged, grown and reinvented ourselves and we’ve earned this celebration.

So, when I ask, ‘who cares?’ about an anniversary… I do. I realise now that it’s not about customers or clients (although I hope many of those will celebrate with us) it’s about our team that has got us this far, they deserve to celebrate. I care about this anniversary because I care for them, and I care for Edson Evers. We should be so proud, not for ‘existing’ for 50 years but thriving for 50 years.

Well done TeamEE!