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Influencer Marketing Services

Trust is a key issue in today’s media landscape. Identifying key social media influencers and capitalising on influencer marketing can really help cut through the noise, so you can reach the consumers and decision makers that matter.

From household names in the home and leisure market, to more niche micro influencers that have loyal and unwavering followers in sectors such as construction and the built environment, we can help identify the most effective social influencers to represent your brand and develop an influencer strategy that inspires your target audience to take action.

The key to success with influencer marketing is authentic storytelling from a credible, influential source. By tapping into the relationships that are established with an influencer and their audience, brands can partner with influencers to reach new customers and realise new sales opportunities.

Our influencer marketing services have helped an extensive range of clients – from home security experts Yale to construction giant Caterpillar – to deliver impactful influencer marketing campaigns.

Looking for a social media influencer agency? We can help.