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Launching the Calor Rural Community Fund

Calor's vision is to 'benefit from and contribute to thriving rural communities’, and it wanted to increase awareness of the organisation as a genuine rural brand. To achieve this, Edson Evers created the Calor Rural Community Fund – a grant scheme totalling £50,000, with 21 individual prize pots up for grabs.

“The team at Edson Evers have proved to be a great fit with Calor. They understand the strategic vision of the company and the markets that we want to target. I would 100% recommend them to other brands looking to achieve similar results.”Michelle FinchamHome Energy Marketing - Calor

How did we do it?


Following the announcement of the winning projects, Edson Evers planned, filmed and produced a series of case study videos for Calor, to highlight the difference that the prizes have made. Each winning case study was also supported by a full PR plan, targeting relevant regional, local and hyper-local media.

Diptford School
35th South West Cheshire Scout Centre
Shutford Village Hall