Social Media Marketing

If it’s our job to tell your stories to the people who matter, then we need to be telling them on social media. With 90% of households in the UK having access to the internet, and 66% of internet usage being for social networking, your audience is there ready to be reached.*

Forming a crucial cornerstone of any content strategy, we use social media platforms to amplify the content we create, rendering your brand discoverable on social search, getting you traffic, attention and – most importantly – driving action in line with your business objectives.

But with 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook and 500 million tweets published every day, it’s crucial to cut through the noise. With our copywriting skills, alongside in-house design and video filming/editing capabilities, we deliver compelling, unique and engaging content and create your social community. Sometimes, we’ll also enlist bloggers and social influencers to tell your stories as part of an influencer marketing strategy. That way, we use their social authority to drive action within their ready-established audiences on behalf of your brand.

To help you further capitalise on the evolving social landscape, we use targeted advertising products across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and amplify your messaging in optimised ads for the most cost-effective spend. We’ve also established relationships with bloggers and influencers, tapping into their loyal audiences and using their social authority to drive action on behalf of your brand.

Of course, this is all based on positive brand communication; when the story being told on social is not part of your intended narrative, we are on hand to control it as part of an online reputation management plan, using social media monitoring tools to give you near-real-time insight into the conversation, and working with you to neutralise problems and turn negative customer experience into positives.

Talk to us about how we can deliver compelling social content – earned, owned, shared and paid – for you and your brand, to an engaged online community of our building.


*ONS figures
Home and Social Media Usage
Internet Access – Households and Individuals 2017

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