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SEO and PR Working in Harmony

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8th May 2019

SEO and PR Working in Harmony

Hannah Horton Digital Campaign Manager at Edson Evers

Hannah Horton

Good content and outreach, the core principles for both PR and SEO. Therefore, it’s not surprising that any good offsite SEO strategy should include online PR.


What is surprising, is that PR professionals aren’t always educated about SEO and vice versa, which can mean editorial releases don’t always contain optimised links and advertorial content may not always contain no follow links. There can also be a cross-over in outreach comms, especially if PR teams are contacting bloggers as well as online media.

What SEO optimisations should you be considering when working on online PR?

The Headline

As a trained journalist I know that when it comes to PR the headline is the make or break element, it’s the hook that captures readers attention and entices them to read the article. As a trained digital marketer I also know that for online PR, the headline should contain keywords that will appear in search engine results pages. When creating a headline you need to picture yourself searching for the topic of your article and consider what you’d type in. The latter can unfortunately mean that those striking and quick witted headlines have to be dulled down a little. That’s not to say you can’t make an online title fun though, you just need to put a little more work into getting them right.

Hyperlinks and Anchor Text

Somewhere in your online press release or editorial feature you’ll be including a link to your client’s website. The anchor text that you use with that hyperlink plays an important part in SEO backlinks. Always make sure that the anchor text is relevant to the page you are linking to, it contains a keyword either long tail, short tail or branded where possible, and make sure you aren’t using the same link in all your editorial content, because sites with inbound links that have a lot of the same anchor text are seen as suspicious to Google.

If you’d like to know more about anchor text and how to use it, a great article has been written by Moz discussing types of anchor text. 

How can you work with the PR team to maximise SEO?

Naturally the PR team will be helping your offsite SEO efforts for branded keywords, as they will be working on press releases pertaining to staffing changes, events and case studies, so this is an area you probably won’t need to focus on too heavily. However, the PR team will also be producing lots of other content around industry issues and will be getting contact from journalists who are asking for comments on certain subjects, so the SEO team may be able to write related blogs content for easy wins.

At Edson Evers our teams work together to make sure PR and SEO are aligned. As part of our PR service we make sure our releases are optimised, requesting keyword lists and adding UTMs for simpler analytics tracking. Our digital team hosts SEO training for PR staff and our PR team hosts training for SEO, so we can all share knowledge.

For more information on how we can create an SEO strategy that’s aligned with PR get in touch here.

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