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Push the quote out: Top tips for writing press release quotes

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2nd April 2019

Push the quote out: Top tips for writing press release quotes

Abbi Cox Account Director at Edson Evers


Creating a powerful quote for a press release can be a tricky task.

Maybe you’re on a tight deadline and the spokesperson is hard to get hold of, or maybe they are reluctant to offer too strong an opinion. This leaves PR folks scrabbling for inspiration, often leading to a bland and generic paragraph that adds nothing of value to the story at all.

So, in order to avoid the mundane, what are the golden rules for creating the best quotes?

Size matters

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your quote needs to be War and Peace to make a big impact. Often the best quotes are short and snappy, and get straight to the point in a quick and engaging manner.

Have an opinion (where possible)

A way to generate truly newsworthy quotes is to make a bold statement. Look for spokespeople within the organisation who are not only an expert on a subject but aren’t afraid to have a strong opinion too.

Consider placement

Quotes should come later on in a press release. The opening pars should explain the story first, then lead on to the quote later in the release to enhance or add an extra dimension to the piece.

Eliminate jargon

Don’t use business-specific buzzwords or acronyms that will mean nothing to the reader. It’s the quickest way to confuse the audience and prevent them from digesting the words effectively.

Don’t be a robot

Quotes should be human as they are coming from a person. Give the spokesperson an actual voice, both in the language and phrasing used. You want to audience to read the quote in the same way it would be spoken, so use commas and dashes to add pauses where required.

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