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Making the most out of influencer marketing

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26th March 2019

Making the most out of influencer marketing


An increasing number of businesses are recognising the value of influencers to speak on behalf of their brand. But, how do you choose the right influencer?

There is such a broad spectrum of influencers; from the “Insta” famous, blogging sensations to the industry experts. You want to ensure the chosen influencer is going to maximise your message and positively represent your brand.

To identify influencers to tell your story requires time and research. In this blog I will explore a few points you will need to consider to make the most out of an influencer for your brand.

Utilise the opportunity

Identify your campaign goals and concentrate on maximising an influencer’s strength! Influencer marketing is far more than sharing a brand to masses of followers. Some influencers may be great writers who would love to produce engaging content for you in their own creative manner, others may have a dedicated fan base who believe in the business and its individuals, and subsequently the products or services.

By giving the right influencer your campaign goals and freedom to express their own style can provide an organic feel to your message, which can really resonate with your target audience.

Determining their value

It’s never as simple as hitting as many people as possible (reach) and you cannot use just one metric as an indicator of success. For example: Having a high reach is positive, yet if it doesn’t “reach” the right people then you are not going to see any value. Industry specific influencers with a smaller audience, also known as micro influencer marketing, will produce far greater results than reaching millions of irrelevant readers.

Due diligence

Choosing an influencer without checking into their background can be detrimental to your brand. Influencers must have a positive impact on your brands image and finding the right people takes time. Make sure you have completed the right checks and understand the positives and negatives. For example, if a potential influencer has previously worked with a competitor, they may not be the best choice as they may be biased or already have a preconceived idea of your business. However, the positive here is that they should have a strong knowledge of the market and audience. Getting someone who believes in your brand goes a long way, it is far easier to get the most out of that person when they truly want your brand to succeed.

To read more on influencer and social media marketing Click here, or if you’d like to know about how we can help you find the influencer you need, get in touch.

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