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It’s all about LinkedIn!

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1st March 2019

It’s all about LinkedIn!

Amy Morrison Senior Account Manager at Edson Evers

Amy Morrison

It goes without saying that Social Media is an integral cog in the content marketing machine. However, LinkedIn is the growth channel for B2B marketers and communicators.

LinkedIn now has over 610 million members and the vast majority of those members are professionals. One of the consistent questions I’ve been asked over the years is: “Isn’t it just for people looking for new jobs?” The answer is a resounding no! It’s not just a social media platform or ‘job site’, LinkedIn enables a business to communicate directly and consistently to people within your industry.

Over the course of 2018, LinkedIn made some key changes. For instance, the use of native video and suggested hashtags in posts, new Company Pages with deeper insights, and the option to view ‘Content Suggestions’. Although there have been more advancements, what these select few changes highlight is that LinkedIn is becoming a hub for great, shareable content within communities.

Here are some of my top tips for LinkedIn in 2019:


Yes, it is B2B. But those businesses are made of people. Don’t forget when you’re posting on LinkedIn, particularly on a company page, to keep your tone a little more relaxed and be open to asking questions and seeking comments. One of the things I’ve found is that ‘company page posting’ can appear a little too ‘corporate’ – (I appreciate each brand and Tone of Voice is different) – regardless of business culture, the old phrase of ‘people do business with people’ stands firm here. Be more open and welcoming of comments on your posts. That way, your audience will feel more inclined to engage with your page, and therefore your brand.

People… again

This time I’m talking about ‘people’ within your business. Do they have profiles? Are they up to date? Is there a profile picture? Encourage your people to set up a profile on LinkedIn, and if there is a profile, encourage them to use it! A very simple point to start with is ensuring that your team is engaged and sharing the messages delivered from the Company Page. This highlights unity and consistency. Not only that, it also broadens the potential reach and engagements from your company page posts. In addition, ensure that your team is commenting on other people’s posts.

One of the other great features of the platform is LinkedIn Articles. Writing, sharing and promoting longer-form articles is a great way of distributing leadership content and positioning your team and business as an authority on your industry.

Click the links below to see examples of LinkedIn Article leadership content:

By building up an engaged network of active individuals it demonstrates that the people within your business are experts and passionate about what they do.


Although Company Pages cannot join Groups, through the new ‘Content Suggestion’ tab you’re able to see exactly what your audience is reading and engaging with. This will provide great insight into the issues and types of content they’re digesting and what they want to see more of. Community also covers, yep you guessed it – people! Encourage your network of individuals to participate in active groups to share thoughts and comments in line with key messages and objectives.

If you want to know more about what we can do for your LinkedIn strategy, get in touch.

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