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How to take social media video seriously this year

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18th March 2019

How to take social media video seriously this year


Social media video marketing is nothing new.

However, with recent changes to social algorithms and a shifting consumer landscape, brands need to start prioritising social media-specific video content in 2019.

In an article for Wordstream*, Mary Lister put together some of the headline statistics for social video, which includes:

  • 1/3rd of all online activity is spent watching videos
  • Over half of all video content is consumed via mobile devices
  • 95% of messaging conveyed in videos is retained by viewers, whilst messaging that is conveyed through text sees a retention rate of just 10%

These statistics speak for themselves about the value of creating video content for social media that will boost brands, and with this in mind we’ve put together our top tips on how to get serious about using video on social media in 2019.

Make the most of your channels

Native uploads are vital in order to take advantage of the recent algorithm changes, which now favours native video content on channels such as Facebook; in addition, native content provides your community with an easier space to interact with each other and your brand that you could lose out on if you’re sending users to other social channels, such as YouTube.

In addition, where possible, try to capture a separate video that’s formatted in portrait for release on Instagram and IGTV. More than half of social media videos are viewed on a mobile device, if you don’t take the opportunity to fully utilise these channels, you’re missing out on a huge potential audience.

Think about your social media video marketing strategy

If you really want to drive engagement and interest on your channels, consider creating a recurring video series. More and more brands are taking advantage of regular video content in the form of business or market updates, which encourages their community to engage with them regularly. These pieces of regular content also provide the opportunity for B2B brands to communicate directly with their audiences and reinforce their expertise and authority to their communities.


Harness the power of the algorithms by going Live

The undisputed king of video (at least as far as algorithms are concerned) is live broadcasting. Live videos are automatically pushed up the newsfeed for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and are a fantastic way of interacting with your social community. There are also a multitude of ways that you can use Live Video, from conducting AMA’s (Ask Me Anything, usually a Q&A session with a business expert) to bringing up-to-the-minute action from shows or events.

Many brands are fearful of live video due to the element of unpredictability that live content brings and it’s important to consider this when you’re thinking of trying live content. Try to provide media training and practice runs before actually undertaking live video in order to help calm the nerves of anyone that is worried about something going wrong.

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*Mary Lister – 37 Staggering video Marketing Statistics for 2018

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