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AD-solutely fabulous: Top Christmas adverts of 2019

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5th December 2019

AD-solutely fabulous: Top Christmas adverts of 2019

Abbi Cox Account Director at Edson Evers


It’s that time of the year again when the nation is divided by the C-word… Christmas. Whether you love or loathe the fat man in the red suit, it’s pretty difficult to escape the bombardment of Christmas ads in the lead up to the big day.

Brands have delivered a mixed bag in 2019, and while some have left us feeling a little deflated, there’s been a few standout hits that we’ve really enjoyed here as Edson Evers. So, here’s our round up of the best Christmas ads of 2019…

Tesco: Delivering Christmas

Back to the Future fans eat your heart out! Tesco’s 2019 festive ad sees one of their grocery delivery vehicles get tangled in Christmas lights and transported back to bygone eras, spreading festive joy in the form of tasty treats. Celebrating ‘100 years of great value’, the ad is entertaining and upbeat, leaving a warm and fuzzy feeling that is both refreshing and effective, summing up the social vibe of Christmas.


John Lewis: #ExcitableEdgar

Although this year’s effort is not my favourite of all the John Lewis Christmas ads (2014’s Monty the Penguin will never be defeated!), #ExcitableEdgar is a touching tale of a little dragon who can’t seem to get it right. After ruining numerous festive activities for his fellow townspeople – ice skating, snowman building, tree decorating – he retreats to the safety of his home to sulk. But thanks to a faithful friend, #ExcitableEdgar is finally accepted back into the fold and forgiven for his festive mishaps. Edgar is a loveable character and someone that many of us can relate to, reminding us that Christmas is a time to forgive and forget, as we’re only human after all (or dragon in Edgar’s case).


Sainsbury’s: Nicholas the Sweep

The story of Nicholas the Sweep tells the dramatic tale of a child’s struggle in Dickensian London, a time and place where oranges were considered an exotic delicacy. Reminiscent of the story of orphan Oliver, Nicholas is wrongly accusing of stealing and is dragged through the streets while people hurl abuse at the poor lad. But, in this classic good versus bad narrative, Nicholas comes out on top.

Marking the 150 year anniversary of Sainsbury’s opening its first store, the theatrical yet heart-warming ad cleverly interlinks with the story of Santa Claus, and features touches of humour that will no doubt offer a few festive chuckles.


Aldi: Leafy Blinders

Let’s face it – kids and grown-ups alike go nuts for a cutesy character, and Aldi’s 2016 Christmas ad saw the introduction of the hugely popular: Kevin the Carrot. And from then came the annual onslaught of supermarket chaos, with shoppers grappling to get their mitts on the latest vegetable-based plush toy.

This year’s evolution sees Kevin & co in a fusion between The Greatest Showman and Peaky Blinders. Inspiring viewers to ‘put on an amazing show’ with their festive spread, the vocal vegetables perform acrobatics while belting out their own version of Robbie Williams’ Let me entertain you, to comedic effect. Fun and frivolous, this ad amuses audiences of all ages.


Sky: E.T. Came Home For Christmas

Another ad that’s piggybacking on the nostalgia of a classic eighties movie is Sky,  featuring everyone’s favourite extra-terrestrial who returns to earth to ‘reconnect’ with a now grown up ‘Ell-i-ott’.

The ad focusses on family, and the importance of sharing special moments with each other around the festive period. With great production value and a John Williams soundtrack to support, the ad captures the magic of the original movie, with a modern twist that really hits the mark.


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