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Kickstarting a communications career

Securing your first career opportunity is never easy – but add a pandemic into the mix and it’s no surprise that young people are finding it more difficult than ever.  

In fact, there are approximately 770,000 young people in the UK who are not in employment, education or training, with the Covid-19 fallout disproportionately affecting opportunities for 16-to-24-year-olds.  

The Kickstart scheme plans to tackle this, boosting young people’s chances of getting into the world of work by connecting them with local businesses who can provide on-the-job training placements.  

Since June 2021, Edson Evers has been joined by two new team members who have been referred via the six-month programme: PR assistant Heather Whittall, 19, and digital assistant Gimnadee Perera, 24. 

Both will earn while they learn, with intensive training on the essential PR, communications and digital skills required for a career in the industry, in addition to overall employability support.  

Grace Mcgarry, Managing Director at Edson Evers, said: “We think the Kickstart scheme is a brilliant way of creating opportunities for young people, allowing them to gain valuable first-hand experience of life in a busy PR and content marketing agency.  

“Not only will Heather and Gimnadee gain a lot from their time with us, but their addition to the team has brought fresh energy and ideas that will help us to grow.”  

Heather said: “I’ve learnt a lot in the short time I’ve been at Edson Evers – not just for a role in PR but general employability skills that will help me throughout my life, or on any other career path. I would recommend it to anyone struggling to start a career, or even if they’re not sure what industry they want to join.” 

Gimnadee said: “Edson Evers has welcomed me so graciously; each member of the team has made the time to teach me something new. Although this is my first time working in PR and digital marketing, I have already had numerous opportunities to get involved and contribute my ideas to current projects. I am extremely grateful for this chance.” 

If you’re a local employer and would like to find out how we got involved with the scheme, please feel free to give Grace or Jane a call on 01785 255146 or email [email protected] or [email protected]. We’d be delighted to chat about some of the things we have learnt and how to make the most of the opportunity.