Smart Home Week Pop-up Event

Managing a pop-up event at Charing Cross with the Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury

Smart Home Week is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the benefits of smart technology. With all the key players in the tech industry supporting the campaign, it showcases how big an industry it’s becoming, and how more people are starting to introduce smart technology into their homes and day-to-day lives.

Jason Bradbury,
– Gadget Show tech
guru and Smart Home Week presenter


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Brochures from Smart Home Week 2019

We partnered with the Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury throughout the 2019 campaign, creating bespoke online content with the influencer too

For Smart Home Week 2019 we ‘popped-up’ at Charing Cross railway station to spread the word about Smart Home Week – a national campaign created by us to raise awareness of smart security, drive sales, and educate consumers about home automation in general.

After approaching other leading smart home brands to support the initiative, we recruited several big names including Amazon, Tado, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue, and Ring, alongside our client Yale.

To immerse the public in a fun and memorable experience, the pop-up-style session was fronted by Gadget Show tech guru and social media influencer, Jason Bradbury, and included giveaways, photo opportunities, product displays, and the chance for consumers to quiz him on connected home technology.

The four-hour event generated a huge amount of activity on social media, with mentions from Jason, The Independent, and influencer Slummy Single Mummy, as well as many of the prize-winners from the day. Jason also shared a live video on his social channels, which had a reach of 12.2k on Instagram alone.